Malala’s Eyebrows

Yes, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, she dodged bullets and showed incredible courage in the face of certain death. But we all know that the key to Malala Yousafzai’s rocketing success are her eyebrows.

Since pencil-thin forehead-carpets went out with the Rachel Cut, we have been embracing the thicker, more natural brow, and this young woman from the Taliban frontline is our guru.

Along with her flawless collection of crimson headscarves and her FIRE side-parting, it is no wonder that she has the whole world wondering what WILL she do next?

And Malala is just one of many inspirational women whose choice of neck-line and toenail polish has seen them take over the world.

It is common knowledge that Obama wouldn’t have had a look-in at the White House if it wasn’t for Michelle’s nation-unifying upper arms.

Angela Merkel might be busy single-handedly holding the Eurozone together, but it is the genius that is her three-buttoned pantsuit that is the real hero of the Developed World.

And Serena Williams, after years of unflinching dedication, has finally achieved the ultimate pinnacle in her career – bedding rap artist Drake.

What the future holds for these unstoppable women we just cannot know.

But what we can take with us is the lesson that the right tweezers just might land YOU in that Forbes list one day too.


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